Mill Ride Golf & Country Club

Inclement Weather Policy

Ensuring golfer's safety is a priority at Mill Ride and occasionally we may be forced to suspend play due to inclement weather.  These weather conditions are mainly caused by Lightening or Fog and we would like to ask all golfers to co-operate with staff when they are forced to suspend play.  Under both circumstances below, the restriction applies to the golf course and driving range.


In foggy conditions we may be forced to suspend play.  This is due to players not being able to clearly see areas where the ball is hit due to the fog.  In accordance with our Health & Safety Policy the course needs to be closed until visibility is clear enough to allow golfers to play without risk.  We have deemed that the course is fit for play when the road across the 1st hole is visible.  The decition regarding the suspension and resumption of play is at the discretion of the professional shop and would be grateful if members respect this decision.


When we feel that the golfers are in danger due to lightning we may be forced to suspend play.  This can occur when lightning is local but is still dangerous to the golfer.  When this happens, golfers will be advised to suspend play due to the weather.  Play will be suspended by a continuous blast on the klaxon.  When it is deemed to be safe, play will be resumed with 3 short blasts of the klaxon.  This decision is in accordance with our Health & Safety Policy.


When the Professional Shop Team have deemed that play can be resumed, golfers will be permitted to tee off in the original tee sheet order.  As a result there will be delay.

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